Speaking, Presenting, Teaching

This page links to a variety of recordings.

Yes, I like public speaking

Sometimes I speak to myself, but most of the recordings to which I have linked on this page were made in front of an audience. This first item is a talk that I was invited to give at the inauguration of the Sage Talks event hosted by Sage Executive Group in San Diego in 2015. The topic is why I got into cybersecurity and some of the lessons I have learned.

The earliest recording of me talking to an audience about computer security may be a session I did at the DEF CON III hacker conference in 1995. The sound starts out a little rough, but it gets better; in fact, it is surprisingly good, given that it was recorded 26 years ago. The title of the talk was chosen in order to encourage debate, and it did.

DEFCON III Talk: Why Hacking Sucks

Several video and audio recordings can be found on my YouTube channel.

Here is a recording of me reading an article I wrote, where the text of the article is in the video:

Stephen Cobb speaking