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Mainly about cybersecurity and data privacy

Audio and video recording

It's true that I sometimes talk to myself, but most of the recordings on this page were made in front of an audience. Here's my talk at TEDx San Diego in 2015 where I was invited to imagine the direction in which digital technology will evolve.

The earliest recording of me talking to an audience about computer security may be a session I did at the DEF CON III hacker conference in 1995. The audio starts out a little rough, but it gets better; in fact, it is surprisingly good, given that it was recorded over 25 years ago. The title of the talk was chosen in order to encourage debate, and as you will hear, it certainly did. That debate, during and after my talk, helped shape my understanding of the rights and responsibilities created by digital technology.

DEFCON III Talk: Why Hacking Sucks

This next item is a more recent talk titled "Cybercrime as public health crisis." I delivered this as a presentation at an event hosted by APWG in Dublin in 2023. This version is a narration of the slides, addressing the non-financial harms of cybercime. I plan to build on this material to create a complete picture of the many harms that cybercrime causes and/or exacerbates. You can read the next stage of this project here: Do Online Imperatives Violate Duty of Care?. I plan to post an audio version soon.

Here is a talk that I was invited to give at the inauguration of the Sage Talks event hosted by Sage Executive Group in San Diego in 2015. The topic is why I got into cybersecurity and some of the lessons I have learned.

Several more video and audio recordings can be found on my YouTube channel.. Here is a recording of me reading an article I wrote, where the text of the article is in the video:

Stephen Cobb speaking